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Power Window Regulator slider repair kit 9017200246 T1N Sprinter Van Mercedes Benz Sprinter Dodge Sprinter 1995-2006 Mopar 5104345AA Problem solver for window lift regulator

PART NUMBER: 9017200246

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US patent US 11,938,908 B2

This window regulator repair kit will fix and correct common problems on these fine vehicles:
Mercedes Benz Sprinter (1995-2002)
Dodge Sprinter 2500, 3500 (2002-2006)
Freightliner Sprinter 2500, 3500 (2002-2006)
Our USA-based team of engineers designed, and a manufacturer in Estonia produced a replacement brass slide for your window regulator. You will be replacing the broken PLASTIC part with a BRASS one.

You will not need to remove the entire window regulator from the door to do the repairs .The mounting rivet that once held PLASTIC slide block to the arm has to be carefully removed by using Dremel tool. ( please put on some protective eye-wear .) Remove the rivet out of the arm once you ground the cap of the rivet ( short part of the rivet) -

Now you can Install the specialty screw that we provided in to the hole of the sliding block, install the sliding block into the slide at the bottom of the window glass, insert threaded part through the hole in the arm of the regulator and secure it with the nut.
We provide locking type nut to keep the nut in place. Please try fitting the nut onto the bolt first , so that you understand the mechanisms function before assembling the kit .
You can apply one drop of your favorite assembly oil (C)
US patent US 11,938,908 B2

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